Sunday, May 13, 2007

A JW Mother Writes

A Jehovah’s Witness mother responds to media coverage of victims receiving compensation for being victimized by Watchtower policy on child abuse.
This was received on Mother’s Day and perhaps this can help illustrate how mind control destroys families.

“your newspaper article in hot springs only made friends send me a sympthy card. your not getting the responds you hoped for. you have humiliated us over and over but it doesn't get the response you wish for TO HUMILIATE YOU PARENTS remember when you were little and you didn't want to hurt anyone. i was proud of you then. now you want to hurt people, what a hypocrite you have become. please do not respond. you are not my son. you are evil. i disown you. if you have found the truth god help you. . i have hoped for you prayed for you now i give up on you do as you will but don't bother me any more. i have found peace in my life and i don't need you any more. i will find a true son in the truth to help me and Bill as we grow old to take care of us and we will leave them anything thats left. Brenda B”

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