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Swamp Man Logging

Swamp Man Logging

There is a curious item you might be interested to know.  A program on television called “AX Men” features various logging operations in different parts of the country basically cutting down trees.  One of the persons featured is a guy called “Swamp Man” named Shelby Stanga.  Shelby Stanga has lived in the swamps north of New Orleans since he was nine years old, and he has been logging in the area for 37 years. He recovers abandoned logs from the nearby waterways with an ever-evolving cast of sidekicks—his dog Willy; his friends Earl, Bob, and DaVi; his cousins Jarvis and Belinda; his nieces Cheyenne and Stephanie; and his wife Donna. Stanga is a colorful personality that is kind of crazy.  He carries a forty-five long barrel revolver in his waistband and regularly shoots it off whether in the house or elsewhere.  To give an example of his spontaneity, in one early episode of the program when he was diving for logs, every time he came to the surface the camera was in his face much to his irritation.  About the fourth time it happened he pulled his pistol and shot the lens off the camera.  His retort was, “I told you not to do that!”…

So why is this colorful person curious? Apparently Shelby has been married to a sweet little woman named Donna for the past 14 years, and while he jokes about shooting her between the eyes, they appear to be a lovely couple. Donna is a Jehovah’s Witness.  On April 10, 2011 Shelby took his wife with him on a log run and made the off hand statement, “My little Jehovah’s Witness wife.”  This was curious as she was using profanity and appeared to be smoking, both considered sins for JWs.  Since that one occurrence nothing more has been said in that regard about her background other that a comment apparently from a life long friend in a blog.  Note what was said below;

·  Chuck Andrews, on January 7th, 2013 at 6:53 am
When Shelby said, “My JEHOVAH’S WITNESS WIFE” in the episode that aired on Jaunary 6, 2012 was he making an accurate statement? Jehovah’s Witnesses do come from all walks of life. Donna is not near as “rough around the edges” as those 2 women he took logging with him. Does the presence of the camera crew prevent any Hanky Panky between Shelby and those 2 women he logs with? Shelby has a very shapely wife, even if she is a sister who praises Jehovah.
·  Sue Sider, on February 2nd, 2013 at 5:48 pm
Donna is indeed a witness, and has been for quite some time. She and I go back as far as high school, and she is a great person. She is not rough around the edges…born & raised in Metairie.. nothing as you see on the show. She was a wild child in the 60′s & 70′s & we had some great times with mutual friends back in the day. I will always remember those days fondly…she was & is a sincere person & friend!

It appears this person knows her well and has a positive opinion of her.  In another episode Shelby says she only spends the weekends with him as she cannot live with him day to day and actually lives in Mississippi in a home there.  On another episode this description was given about their fourteenth anniversary;

Shelby Stanga has officially won my heart. He takes two days off from logging the Louisiana swamps to try to catch some crawfish for his bride, Donna. He explains to Cousin Belinda that the next day is their 14th anniversary and Donna really loves crawfish. So the two bait some traps with six-month-old rotten fish that you can smell right through the television set and they set off through the darkest, deepest part of the swamp. They find ferocious alligators and spiders the size of dinner plates, but not a single crawfish. Undaunted, Shelby picks 14 mysterious swamp flowers and proceeds to lay a table on top of his old barge with a naked lamp, cheese-and-ham sandwiches (Donna doesn't eat bread), and a few of the flowers in an old bottle. Oh, and he lifts Donna up onto the barge on the forks of his tractor. How sweet is that? The flowers turn out to be poisonous, and Donna is warned not to touch her food with the hand that touched a flower. But she is completely besotted. The best part? Donna reveals that it's not their anniversary at all - "just another day in paradise." Gotta love those two!         

Jehovah’s Witness are a very strict religion and do not tolerate certain conduct.  They also do not like the lime light when it comes to highlighting their religion outside of their rigid lifestyle.  It appears Shelby was heavily reprimanded by his wife on no uncertain terms and told to never say that again.  While she has appeared in later episodes nothing has been said since in that regard.   

Now this year Shelby has his on show called “Shelby the Swamp Man”.  To date with the new show no reference has been made to his wife nor has she appeared on the program with no references made to her at all.  It looks like they have either cut her out of the show or they may not be together.  There is nothing on the internet that clarifies what their status is other than that they are still married.  So it will be interesting to see if Donna stays away due to pressure from her congregation elders or if she goes a different direction in the episodes to come. 

Jehovah’s Witnesses are extremely rigid with regular members and practice desfellowshipping or excommunication to control their actions.  When a member is expelled they are viewed as dead and family member will not acknowledge their existence.  Yet when members attain wealth or fame and make large donations to the religion, administration tends to look the other way and ignore violations of church protocol and sins.  In recent years the William sisters who are recognized as JWs have openly flaunted church rules with no penalties.  Michael Jackson, his mother, Prince and others who claimed the faith likewise often live lives that members would never be allowed to do while claiming good standing with the organization.  It appears as long as the donation money is coming in that it buys the freedom to do and say as you want without sanction.

For Donna Stanga, her best bet is to get more famous make a lot of money and then offer large donations to ‘Watchtower’ (home office of JWs) and then she will be free to follow whatever type of conduct she wishes without penalty.  It is just another example of how power and money has little to do with God and everything associated with hypocritical religion.     

You Tube Video of Donna and Shelby


For information on custody issues and Jehovah's Witnesses see    

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The Silent War that Kills Families

Today we hear of many conflicts being fought around the world that claim the
lives of many innocents.  The most insidious part of any war is when the lives of
innocent children are at stake.  In any society the most precious commodity is
the protection of future generations from harm in their childhood.  In America
there is a war that is destroying the lives of thousands of children each day.  No
one seems to care as it is a silent war of mind control.  Why would mind control
be considered the destruction of a child?  A child mind is impressionable and
they respond to the environment around them and act accordingly.  Especially
when a parent is involved makes the control much stronger.   

There are approximately one thousand court battles fought each year over child
custody involving Jehovah’s Witnesses.  They are a doomsday sect that
believes the end of the world is coming at any second in which God will
exterminate every human on the face of the earth with the exception of
exceptional Jehovah’s Witnesses.  What makes a Jehovah’s Witness?  

Jehovah’s Witnesses make up one of the wealthiest publishing corporations in
the world known as the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. The “Watchtower”
takes in over one billion dollars in tax exempt dollars, pays no salaries, and tells
members if they do not distribute literature every single month, God will surely
exterminate them at Armageddon.  This type of mind control creates a slave
labor mentality in which to receive salvation you must “preach the good news of
the kingdom” or in other words sell books or God kills you.  According to
Church theology you cannot start quick enough and children are indoctrinated
from childbirth that as early as age four they must start selling book for God to
give them mercy.  

This doctrine also requires that the child forgo having a normal life.  You see,
anything outside the religion is going to be destroyed by God so all non
members including family must be avoided as “bad association”.  Children are
told the world is ruled by Satan and they are to be no part of the world that is
soon to be eradicated by God on judgment day.  So friendships are to be
avoided with anyone outside the religion.  In addition, no holidays, birthdays,
school sports. Clubs, boy scouts, FFA, or anything that puts the child in contact
with anyone outside the religion must be avoided.  Higher education is viewed a
more bad association that is displeasing to God. As a result most JW children
are encouraged to drop out of school to have more time to sell books and few
achieve having a high school diploma.  

Jehovah’s Witnesses are also anti government, teaching that the governments
are controlled by Satan and not to be trusted so any activity associated with
nationalism is strictly avoided.  This would include joining the military, ROTC,
Scouts, Saluting the flag, participation in any political affair.  This makes the
child in fear of anything to do with the government.   

Finally there is the issue of medical care.  Jehovah’s Witnesses interpret the
Bible to say any blood transfusion is a sin in which God will kill you.  As a result
hundreds of thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses have needlessly died due to
following this edict.  The same rule applies to children and no parent who is a
member would willfully take action to save their child’s life if blood transfusion
was the answer.  They teach it would be better to allow the child to die as they
will be resurrected into a paradise earth as a favor for being faithful.  

So in this twisted world of mind control children live in terror on a day to day
basis.  Fear of being killed by God for making any kind of mistake on all the
guidelines above would be difficult if both parents were active members.  But
what happens if the parents split over religious differences and divorce?  The
child is then put into a meat grinder mentally and emotionally.  While the non
member parent may just want to raise the child with a normal life that most
children have, the Jehovah’s Witnesses believe this is the equivalent of putting
the child before a firing squad and certain death at the hands of the vindictive
God they are taught to believe.  So for the member parent it literally becomes a
matter of life and death in which if they lose custody they think they have killed
their child to Satan’s World.  

As a result Jehovah’s Witnesses have at their home office a formidable legal
team of fourteen lawyers on staff to deal primarily with custody battles.  They
take a vow of poverty to go to any court in which a custody issue is raised and
teach members how to follow yet another doctrine they use called “Theocratic
Warfare Strategy”.  TWS is a fairly simple formula that states “the truth is only
given to those that are entitled to know”.  That means going to court is a holy
war in which misinformation, and outright perjury will be used extensively to
distort what is in the best interests of the child and prevent the non member
parent from having primary custody.  With the child under the control of the
member parent they will be taught to follow the doctrine that all things outside
the religion are part of Satan including the non member parent and thus not to
be trusted in any way.  Any involvement in any activity outside the JW religion is
viewed as association with Satan’s World that is doomed to destruction.  

To show how this is reinforced an article written in the 12/1/12 issue of the
Watchtower (monthly magazine of Jehovah’s Witnesses) on pages 30-31 under
the Subtitle, “Teach Your Children” it shows how children are riddled with guilt
if they in any way support the non member parent. The article tells the story of
Uzziah that was punished by God by being stricken with Leprosy and of his son
Jotham that remained faithful to God.  Do you see where they are going with
this?  The article has sections that required the member parent to stop and ask
the child a question.  For example; Do you know what Jothem did them? What if
your father or mother stopped serving Jehovah?  That would make it very hard
for you, wouldn't’t it? What about you would you keep serving Jehovah if your
father or mother did not?   Who do you think wants you to quit serving
Jehovah? Do we need to be afraid of Satan?.  

Each of these questions is designed to program the child to oppose at all costs
any efforts of the non member parent to help the child have a more normal life
that most children do.  The child is riddled with fear and guilt, fear of serving
Satan and guilt for not pleasing Jehovah and becoming a book distributor for
the corporation.  

In the article they quote a scripture Psalm 27:10. David wrote here: “In case my
own father and my own mother did leave me, even Jehovah himself would take
me up.”

The thought from the scripture is if David was abandoned by his parents then
God would still be with him.  Yet in the article the following statement is made;
“Think about
this: What the Bible is saying is that if David’s father, Jesse, or his mother
should stop serving Jehovah, David would keep on serving Him.”    This is a
complete turning of the scripture to fit their agenda of turning a child against its
non member parent.  Even more insidious is the question following to ask the
child. “What about you would you keep serving Jehovah if your father or mother
did not?”  

How would you feel if you knew your ex husband or wife was reading this article
to your child about you?  Yet this goes on as a practice within Jehovah’s
Witnesses on a regular basis.  It puts the child in the middle of being torn apart
emotionally while the religion uses God as a club to beat them away from
sharing their life with the non member parent.  

In the article to demonize the situation even further it shows a picture of a non
member parent smoking a cigarette (a disfellowshipping (excommunication)
offense in JWs) and watching violence in television while his child is shown
turning away and reading a Jehovah’s Witness publication.  

Click here to see pic  

Can you now understand why there are over 1,000 custody cases fought with
Jehovah’s witnesses each year.  Sadly in most cases the non member parent
loses unless they employ a careful strategy to show what is being done to the
child and what is really in the child’s best interests to have a normal life.

I hope this information is helpful to understand this silent war that has
destroyed thousands of families around the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Education
and understanding is the only way to help those facing this type of situation and
perhaps to save the life of a child being faced with this.  If you would like further
information see to learn more about how to help kids.

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A Travesty of Justice


The following is a true story. A story of a father who became separated from his two children.

The events that lead up to tragic event are described here on this web page.
It is a story of deceit, lies and collusion. The facts of this account can be
verified and documented, this has been done by the author of this page.
This story gives an account of how a Jehovah’s Witness woman made a
deliberate and calculated attempt to obtain sole custody of the children, she
collaborated with the local congregation of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, as
represented by their elders, in harmony with Watchtower Bible & Tract
Society policies.
In 1990 the wife started to associate with Jehovah’s Witnesses, and since
then has undertaken to raise the children according to the policies and
regulations of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society, which is the legal arm
of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, this being done with out any consultation or
approval with the father.
In fact, it appears that she collaborated with the local elders from the
Jehovah’s Witness community to bring about events that would prevent the
father from obtaining sole or even partial custody of his children. The father
is currently preparing for a legal battle for the custody of the children.
During the trial he will present evidence showing how these parties (the wife
and JWS) misused the justice system in order to falsely accuse him and have him
arrested and charged with assault. The evidence clearly shows that the police
investigation lacked the due diligence that should be common in all such cases.
He will show that, if such due diligence was exercised he never would have been
charged. As a result of these charges he was forced from his home and denied
access to his children. Its been a year since he has seen his children.
The father will prove that the interference of the Watchtower with their
policies was a violation of his parental rights and duties as set out in
Canadian law. He is convinced his wife, in concert with the Watchtower
organization (local, congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses) has endeavoured to
alienate his children from himself as their father. He is further convinced that
his wife was influenced by policies of the Watchtower, influenced to interfere
with his legal right as a father.
With regards to the above mentioned charges, the trial was concluded in
September of this year, where all charges were dropped. The official recorded
proceedings of that trial show that his wife lied under oath regarding a number
of issues. This misrepresentation of the facts, was an attempt by his wife to
keep him away from his own children. This was done so that she could have a free
hand indoctrinating them into the Jehovah’s Witness church.
The evidence will show, that following her baptism vow (July 1, 1995) to the
organization and its philosophy, she in co-operation with the local
congregation, invited two local elders, into their home, without his knowledge
and consent. He believed that the purpose of this meeting was to give them the
opportunity to evaluate his position with regards to the Jehovah’s Witnesses
philosophies & practices as taught by their legal entity the WBTS in
connection with his wife an two children. It was this evaluation that set in
motion the string events that landed him in jail and prevented him from seeing
his children.
What happened to this father was a TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE. The
account plainly shows that the Watchtower (and those associated with it)
will stop at nothing when it comes to propagating their believes and doctrines.
In order to present a clear picture of the events I have placed them in
chronological order.
December 6, 1986: The couple involved were both
Catholic and as the girl had a desire to have large church wedding, they were
married in the Catholic tradition. By the Catholic Church.
February 24, 1988: The first child was born.
September 7, 1989: The second child was born.
Aprox 89-90: The wife started to go to Kingdom Hall
& associate with JWs, at first she was not taking the children to the Hall
at the request of the father. He was taking the children to the Catholic Church.
February 26, 1992 As a result of an incident at the
their home in Ontario the father called the police in connection with an assault
on his person by his wife. As she had hit him and threw a figurine at him which
missed him, but damaged the wall. The local police attended the scene and
determined that it was the wife who should be charged. He decided not to press
charges against his wife as he felt that it would not be conducive to
March 10, 1992: It was on this date that he filed for
divorce as he felt that reconciliation was not possible. Shortly after his wife
filed a counter petition.
September 1993: On this date they came to an
agreement of reconciliation, all proceedings were stopped. Part of the agreement
as understood by the father is that he would not interfere with his wife’s
religious views as long as she didn’t force them on the children.
July 1994: Moved to Western Canada
July 1994 -July 1995: The wife continues to associate
with the JWs
July 1, 1995: The wife is baptized into the
Jehovah’s Witness organization. This baptism identified her as a member of the
Watchtower Bible & Tract Society furthermore this act obligated her to obey
the policies and regulations of that organization.
October 30,1995: The husband had grown some pumpkins
in the back yard for Halloween, and for his kids to carve at school, on this day
the wife did not send our children to school. She had called the school and said
they were sick with stomach problems. But that was not the real reason. She
admitted later that it was a result of the policies of the Watchtower, the
polices that strictly forbid the celebration of Halloween. She did not want the
children to be involved in this activity. By doing this she violated the
agreement she previously had made with the husband.
October 31, 1995: The wife again kept the children
home on this day as she said she had made a dental appointment for them. They
were done by noon, and she elected not to take them back to school. The husband
phoned the school, to find them not there. As he did not now what was happening
he phoned my wife to see where the children were, and why they were not in
school. This was upsetting to him as he had no idea what was going on. Upon
arriving home they had an argument about the issues regarding school and
Halloween. That was the extent of their contact at that particular time. Later
that day the wife went to a JW friends house, then to the JW meeting. After the
meeting she called the husband, then she came home. Again they argued about the
children and the issue of Halloween.
November 1,1995: While at work the wife called the
911 emergency number, to make a complaint about the husband and make an
accusation. She called 3 times, until the police came to take a statement. There
never was any emergency and he had never hurt his wife in any way. Later the
same day, while he was at work, he was arrested by the city police, he had no
idea what was happening, other than the police telling him he was being arrested
for assault. (He was obviously was shocked and embarrassed) Also on this day the
wife phoned the school and apologized for lying to them about taking the
children out of school those two days. She had said they were sick, yet
according to the school she said it was because she did not want them to be
involved in Halloween. Later in court she was caught in a lie about this issue,
the children were not sick, she had lied , the real issue was Halloween. (All of
this can be documented via court records)
January 12, 1996: This was the husbands day in court
(as related to the trumped up assault charges), the wife’s testimony on
cross-examination was vague and misrepresentive of the facts at issue. The case
was put over until September 3, 1996. Also there was no provision made for the
husband to have access to his children, Ii is apparent that this was a ploy to
further prevent the husband from seeing his children.
April 5, 1996: On this date he was arrested again by
the city police, this was done on the basis of a complaint made by an elder from
the local Kingdom Hall of JWS. (The local Kingdom Hall had been vandalized) This
time he was accused of uttering threats against his wife and there was also a
reference to a letter that allegedly connected him to this complaint. However no
letter was ever produced and again there had been no due diligence on behalf of
the police department or the crown, to verify the truth of the matter. Once
again it is apparent that there was collaboration between the wife and the
Watchtower elders. As it turns out he should never had been arrested. This is
where this whole thing starts to stink like rotten fish, a police officer from a
nearby city somehow got involved, as it turns out he was a JW elder serving the
force as an inside investigator. (never carried a gun). The MLA (Government
representative) is currently investigating the circumstances that surround this
miscarriage of justice. The evidence supports the theory that as a result of the
interference of the locals JW elders the husband was falsely implicated and
unjustly charged. This particular matter is far from over as the husbands
intends to see that all parties involved in this miscarriage are brought to
September 3, 1996: The crown drops the charges of
uttering threats, as there is no evidence to pursue the accusations. This is
also the day that court reconvenes, and the wife is further cross-examined by
the husband’s lawyer. It is evident from the recorded proceedings that the
wife had lied under oath about a number of issues and that the crown no longer
had a case against the husband. The charge of assault was then stayed. As a
result of the husbands financial situation he could no longer afford to continue
with this legal matter, thus he agreed to a peace bond. He was under the
impression that with this peace bond that there would be a speedy resolution to
the custody issues. And that he would be allowed contact with his children. He
was told that the family court councilor would quickly work out the details for
having access to his children.
However if he had the funds, he would have rather pursued this matter to its
rightful conclusion. He made a statement to the court stating that his offering
of this peace bond is in no way a admission of any guilt on his part. He also
stated that he was in no way responsible for causing any harm to any one nor
threatening to harm anyone. All he ever wanted, was to be a part of his
children’s life.
October 1996: Just a few weeks ago the husband was at
the school of his children where he saw one of his daughters, upon reaching out
to her she ignored him totally. This was as a result of the indoctrination of
her, regarding the regulations of the Watchtower.
November 13, 1996: The husband is in court in order
to bring the facts to light as regards his children and to ask the court to
grand him full custody. However as the husbands was unable to afford a lawyer,
he had to represent himself. He was not awarded full custody, however he was
awarded visitation rights. There was a court date set (March 1997) to determine
what is in the best interest of the children.
It is at this future hearing that the husband will attempt to convince the
court that the past events have proven that his wife is not a fit mother. He
intends to show that his children should not be exposed to this kind of deceit,
and that it is not what is best for the children. He also feels that this
religion or cult as some refer to it as, has played a major role in disrupting
his life and taking away his rights as a father. Due to the direct interference
by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society his parental rights and duties have
been violated. Furthermore he has become a victim of their policies and
regulations. Since the best interests of the children are of paramount concern,
past events clearly show that his children’s best interests & welfare are
better served by the granting of full custody to the father.
Additionally he will make clear that he is not biased towards their religious
doctrines or their theology, however what he is concerned with, is their
inhumane practices dictated by the Governing body of Watchtower Corporation, the
legal arm of JWs.

Following are a few legal precedents which have being set with regards to
child custody issues. These precedents will be used in the next court hearing to
show that JW parents are not best suited to care for the interests of the
Practices and Interference as related to the JWs and other
Individuals advancing their own agenda with regards to child custody.

The documentation as regards these issues, are as follows.
1.) Mother Used Dispute to Home Custody Witness Says
(Vancouver Sun, Tuesday, October 17,1989)
Young Vs Young....This particular custody case went to
supreme court, the attached article from the Vancouver Sun makes mention of how
JWs prepare themselves for court with the use of a hand book produced by the
Watchtower, The sole purpose of the booklet is to coach JWs through and win
custody battles so they can continue to indoctrinate their children with their
2.)B.C.C.A. Confirms costs order against Jws for using action to
advance cause

(The Vancouver Sun July 2,1988).
. The Lawson Case 1142-014A, 48 B.C. Court of Appeals. This
particular case shows precedent regarding JWs using the court system to advance
their organizations cause. “Mr. Justice Meredith said Mr. Lawson was the
instrument of the community of Jehovah’s Witnesses who had used him to advance
their own interests and had attempt to prolong the litigation on irrelevant
grounds.” This is relevant because it is a pattern of the WBTS to do such to
further their cause anyway they can.
3. ) Jehovah Father loses custody of Children
(The Vancouver Sun, December 13, 1989)

Young vs Young .... Justice Proudfoot in this case ruled
that a Burnaby chapter of JWS as well as the husband and his JW lawyer must pay
$70,000.00 toward solicitor - client costs of the 12 day trial. Stating “it is
easy to conclude that this case was litigated to death, council for the husband
had a forum and cause to pursue.” Justice Proudfoot wrote “ unfortunately
what was in the best interests of the children, their welfare, was totally lost
by the father, his council in these protracted proceedings. Once again the JWs
are shown to be using the court system to advance their own interests and not
the interest of the child. It is interesting to note that the JW lawyer Glen
Howe accused the county court judge, of acting like Adolf Hitler and also asked
that Justice Proudfood to step down from this case accusing her of bias towards
the Witnesses. This is just another example of the Watchtower’s abuse and
misuse of the court system to further their own interests. (More information on
the Young vs Young
4. Debates of the Senate 2nd Session-35 Parliament-volume 135
(Speech by The Honorable Anne C. Cools, Bill S-4, an amendment to the
criminal code)March 26, 1996

This report of the Senate Debates clearly identifies the problem that I had
with my wife. Mr. Justice McEachern, says in regards the to case “Lin Vs
Lin” he is quoted as saying “ The mother made serious allegations of
misconduct against the father, which were later found to be unsubstantiated.
These allegations included violence towards the children.....When parties make
unsubstantiated allegations which are not supported by evidence, they cannot
complain that judges, when required to make a chose about child custody, decide
in favor of the party who has not exaggerated or overstated his or her case.”

Sunday, August 5, 2007

A JW Describes His Life as a Child

A young man goes before the French government and testifies about his life as a Jehovah’s Witnesses. In an excerpt of that testimony he explains how ill equipped he is to face the real world outside of the JW community. Do you think this is a healthy environment for any child to be in? Read his testimony and see what your answer would be.

You can read the full transcript at this link.

President: Did you have time to play with your friends outside of the community? Did you participate to secular celebrations or events?

Nicolas JAQUETTE: Relationships with others are obviously something children are very sensitive about, mostly when it has to do with parties or celebrations which are, indeed, moments of social cohesion. To give a good image to the cult children are allowed to socialize with others but in a very limited and supervised fashion. Amongst what is repeated to them regularly we hear: "you have friends in the congregation, don't make friends with anyone anywhere else. Bad association destroys useful habits." In other words, seeing friends from outside will spoil your faith by allowing into your ideas that are contrary to what the cult teaches you and push you to leave your religion. People from the outside world are constantly demonized. Linguistically speaking we say that someone is "in the truth" to designate a Jehovah Witness. By constantly hearing this as a child we come to a point where we can't separate "Jehovah's Witness" and "Truth". Simultaneously,
people from outside are called "the world", which all the JW literature describes as nasty, possessed by the devil and bound to be destroyed. Demonization applies to friends at school of whom we learn to beware. We also learn, however, how to evangelize them while respecting the law imposing secularism at school. We are, therefore, prepared to consider them potential enemies. Thus, the child meets his\her friends at school with both an agenda to proselytize them and a fear of them. They'll push friendship only far enough to show that Jehovah's Witnesses are not a cult as evidenced by their ability to make friends.

Holidays are a particularly delicate topic for JW children even if we try to teach them that it's not the case. Each year, they see Christmas and the new year pass as if they were ordinary days and then hear their friends talk about their presents. As a
reaction to their pain they have to reply that Santa Claus doesn't exist, that they know the truth and that that is a lie. We are thought slogans to protect ourselves against the pain of such a discriminatory type of circumstance. Not being allowed to go to a birthday party and not even being allowed to have ours celebrated. I don't even know how old my parents are. They never celebrated their birthdays. To ordinary people that day allows them to see time as it goes by for others. I don't have that notion, even for those who are close to me. That can sound like a banality but if we think about it seriously, those situations piled up to one another become quite a heavy load to carry in the end. If we manage to leave the movement we
realize all the power we were subjugated by and how un-adapted we are to the real world. We have to learn to live a real life. for complete information on legal issues and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Beast Book - JWs and the UN

Have you ever wondered what the actual documentation was for the association of the Watchtower to the United Nations? A new e-book called “The Beast Book” provides many never before seen details on this issue. Read about it at,

If you need original copies of Watchtower literature has a fifty year library that is available for assistance in legal issues, we also have a “Child Custody Packet” to help with child custody cases involving Jehovah’s Witnesses. You can see it at this link,

For assistance in any litigation involving Jehovah’s Witnesses contact JWCC at or 800-762-9227

Monday, June 25, 2007

Custody Issues Need Serious Answers

There is a lot to say regarding a parent that gets involved in a custody battle with Jehovah's Witnesses. The religion keeps fourteen lawyers on staff with a vow of poverty to coach members into misleading the court as to the real belief and practices that children will be required to follow as active members. While religion is always a sticky subject before a judge the facts must answer to what is in the best interests of the child. JWs doctrine require that the child isolate themselves from society, alienate themselves from the non witness parent, and in the event of emergency choose death before accepting a blood transfusion. Would you want your child in this environment? To show the court how this happens and why will often result in a favorable judgment for the non witness parent. The key is to break down the facts as to what is expected of the child and what they will be required to practice as a church going member. Example? Five meetings a week, preparation for those meetings, door to door sales each week of church literature, no socialization with any child outside the religion, no holidays, no higher education, no school activities, absolute belief that all mankind will be destroyed by God (including non JW family) at any minute with the only exception being JWs.

The child becomes withdrawn from emotional attachment to non JW family members as they are taught since they are going to be killed by God it is better not to get too close to them. This is often stated by members to children. Does this foster normal family interaction? Children are torn between two worlds as a simple choice of life or death depending on whether they choose to follow church doctrine or try to have normal relations with both parents. Helping the court to understand this can be accomplished by carefully prepared depositions that help explain how the indoctrination works as well as showing previous court rulings that show "best interests" cannot be dictated by a religion. While this may seem to be a daunting task if it is approached in a methodical way the judge will have a simple decision to make with the evidence at hand. We hope this information is helpful to explaining the difficult position of many parents when faced with these issues on custody matters.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bible Conversions Versus Free Home Bible Study Programs

The Bible itself shows Phillip converted the Ethiopian as they drove along a road (Acts 8), Paul converted Cornelius and his household in a single talk (Acts 10), Paul and Silas quickly converted a jailer and his household (Acts 16:30-33), and thousands converted instantly in Jerusalem. (Acts 2;41; 4:4)

Why were neither publications nor long study programs needed? The message was not lengthy with lots of laws or rules, but said accept the bright light of the resurrection hope that Jesus Christ is the Messiah or Savior rather than stay in unrepentant darkness keeping you dead. (John 3)

About 50 years after the apostles a summary was distributed of what they had taught for becoming Christians and it agreed with what Christ said at John 3, adding who Mary and Pontius Pilate were and that Christ was dead 3 days before resurrected. It is called the Apostles’ Creed and virtually all Protestant as well as Catholic branches of the Christian faith accept it.

Today some churches offer excellent studies of the Bible. However also beware that some tell people to study their material about the Bible as part of a one year or continuous program (some at first offering short booklets with pictures to ease prospects into much longer works) because this helps them implant their group’s additional views or rules they want you to think credible. This is done by their writers mixing selected comments by historians etc to bolster or slant matters.

People offering such studies or programs may themselves be sincere and dressed nice as angels at your very door but an end agenda can be to enslave others to views, sometimes deadly, of their living or deceased human leaders, not the kindness of Christ or lasting joyful fellowship. By accepting a “free” program of Bible study, years later people have found it necessary to de-program to become truly free again. (Jn 8:32)