Monday, February 19, 2007

Press Release


Monday, February 19, 2007


Website launched to Assist Child Custody Disputes within Jehovah’s Witnesses

90% of 1,000 Custody Cases fought Each Year are Lost Due to Manipulation of Legal System

A new organization has been launched to assist parents in custody disputes with Jehovah’s Witnesses. William H. Bowen founder of silentlambs, inc. is working with key experts to provide legal strategies to assist law firms in winning child custody disputes with Jehovah’s Witnesses. Associates with JW child custody have over 86 years experience as active Jehovah’s Witnesses and have served in key positions throughout the organization. Their experience will be used to assist caring parents to protect their children from cult mind control.

It is estimated that over 130 Jehovah’s Witness children die each year due to the religion’s application of religious doctrine to health care. Children are alienated from their non-JW parents and family as well as isolated from society due to mind control use of church doctrine. “We feel this is a long overdue service for parents that wish to give their children a normal life,” states William H. Bowen. “At silentlambs we protected children from sexual abuse, now we can expand that work to help kids have a happier future.”

JW Child Custody will offer expanded services to assist attorneys with legal consulting for a variety of issues surrounding Jehovah’s Witness legal entity “Watchtower.” Recent cases involve such issues as wrongful death and tax evasion. Bowen states, “Due our detailed knowledge of the inner workings of Watchtower we can enable litigants to overcome the practice of “Theocratic Warfare,” which is perjury approved by God according to Jehovah’s Witness doctrine.” (see JW Child Custody Booklet)

The website offers a toll free number to set up a free consultation as well as email correspondence for specific legal issues.


Maluenda said...

This sight is so important to the children who are voiceless victims to this cult. When I went through a divorce my own family lied to the authorities about my mental state, identified me as a prostitute, alcohol, and drug addict. My parents were prepared to go to court and testify and fund my exhusbands court battle against me. Since I was just leaving the cult after being raised in it, I did not have an adequate education to support myself nor the social skills neccesary to allow others in society to help me. My whole life I had been taught that anyone outside of the JW organization worshipped the devil and would only cause harm to me. So it was me against the world. When someone did reach out to help me, I took it as they were trying to take advantage of me. As a result, I lost custody of my children because I didn't have the money to fight it nor any support. My exhusband had the whole cult behind him as well as my own parents. I couldn't even afford an attorney so there was no visitation schedule which allowed my ex to keep the kids from seeing me and I had no legal recourse. I put myself through college and fought an 80,000 dollar court battle but finally won custody after 12 years of fighting. It took an emotional toll on myself, my health, and my children as they endured years of psychological trauma from my ex and my parents trying to have me arrested on bogus charges and even going as far as sending the police to my house on numerous occations under the guise that I had called them threatening to commit suicide. All in the name of theocratic warfare. My children were told horrible things about me, kept from seeing me, denied medical treatment, holidays , and access to extra curricular activities. The psychological damage is still severe and has damaged our relationship as well. This cult has got to be stopped. It doesn't follow Jesus teachings, it destroys families in the name of Jehovah. For what purpose? The own selfish gain of a few chosen leaders at the top.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your experience maluenda. I feel sorry for the children, they are being so controlled by fear, nothing but fear. That is so typical of the behaviour in that organization. They have NO LOVE. They are a DANGEROUS group. I am glad I am out and my 2 adult children are stable, productive, loving human beings...not JW's. We are survivors, you are too.